Sunday, February 12, 2012

Michelin issue (hum ... again)

I've never been a big fan of Michelin tires, but I'm no hatter and certainly won't say bad things about them ... Well unless there is something to say, that is ... And that seems to be the case here.

This is a Michelin Pilot Road 3 fitted on a Yamaha FZ6. It's an important point as you cannot say the tire's been destroyed by a sudden surge of torque (take that buzzy engine !). The story says the reason why the tire ended up torn this way is that the tarmac was very hot. Is that it ?

I'm not aware of such problems with others brands. If you do, let me know, I'll do a post that'll help me getting rid of that Michelin hatter reputation :D (see here why, sorry the post is still in French). And then we'll take care of that FZ6 reputation :D


MIOB said...

That looks pretty bad, but I have had far worse problems with a AVON tire. It was almost new (2 months old, 3000 km's) and it started to tear open from left to right and forming a bulge on the tire. And that was in the Dutch Autumn (so not warm roads).

I did not get a refund or anything. I'll never ever buy an Avon tire again.

Jérôme Pramondon said...

Hey my friend !
Sorry to hear that ... even though it actually is contributing to my reputation quest ;)
Thanks !