Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Light swap

Been seriously sick the last 10 days or so, so I'm only posting now what's been done on the Triumph recently. Nothing major as you'll see, mostly because the bike's currently at the shop for administrative reasons, freeing extra working space for the BMW winter rebuild.

So the 955 Speed Triple only went through a light swap. Not only were they absolutely ugly, but their beam was oriented to the wrong side of the road (well, depends where you drive). The bike's now equipped with a much meaner pair of Speed Four lights, which could stay on the bike with a bit of luck (and provided Triumph agrees it stays this way).

The other good point is that the engine's been started with just a bit of help from a battery charger. It didn't take more than 4 full cycles to start. Not bad for a bike standing still for more than a year. I let it warm up to 90° and the engine sounds good, which is good news.

It's been away for 2 weeks now, so there won't be any progress on the Speed Triple for some time

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