Sunday, November 21, 2010

Line drawings

As winter approaches (weather guy says it's going to snow on tusday around here), I think it's the right time to strip the R1100S again. The idea would be to have all the refreshing jobs done during the winter so it's ready when spring comes back. What I have on the list is fairly simple : 
- a full paint job with a paint scheme that still needs to be decided (maybe you can help, see below)
- a front suspension rebuild
- a front bearings swap
- an exhaust headers grind
- a couple more thingies with parts to come and already arrived.

Anyway, I talked about this custom patin scheme idea of mine (based on a black and white theme) on the Pelican forum last week to gather a couple of thoughts and pictures of similar projects. One suggested I could use the existing line drawings found in some other posts and draw my own paint scheme by hand. And that is precisely what I'm going to try out. But not being the most artistically inventive person on earth I'm sharing these raw drawings with you, so you can also suggest a paint scheme by just droping me an email with yours attached.

Have fun drawing.

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