Saturday, November 6, 2010

Death of PS Performance rumors

I've been reading on several trustworthy websites and forums an insistant rumor in which PS Performance, the well known motorcycle accessories reseller, is dead. Since I don't really like propagating rumors, I kept this for a couple of days before mentioning it here. But now that it seems to be confirmed and since the websites stays up, it's really worth mentioning so nobody places an order anymore. A few have, have been billed and will never see their items (nor their money back), so beware.

And it could be worse than it seems. I've found a couple of forum posts where guys living near their offices wanted to check for themselves. The only thing they could find once arrived is a closed door, empty offices and a pile of shredded paper. Need even worse ? Well the local police is already gathering claims from cheated customers and the file is growing huge. The cherry on the cake ? The police says Saïd, PS Performance founder and current owner, is nowhere to be found.

Better stay away from them for the moment.

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Yvan said...

I read that also on some forums a few days ago. I was going to order a windscreen for my VFR, I'm going to find it somewhere else...