Friday, August 6, 2010

Dyno runs

I received the results from the last 2 dyno sessions with the R1100S. the other day I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed with the way the figures are displayed. With the performance upgrades put on the bike, I knew the engine would not show a 10hp improvement and was more in a search for a solid torque curve. Unfortunately, as you will immediately notice, the provided power and torque curves use the speed as the reference data. They should have used RPMs.

Here is what I got (all measures at the rear wheel, 13% loss from what the dyno guy said) :

- Session 1 : KN filter, Y pipe (cat eliminator), NGK iridium spark plugs, Nology Hot wires coils

- Session 2 : KN filter, Laser Daytona 2-1-2 system, Power FRK, NGK iridium spark plugs, Nology Hot wires coils, carbon air intake

Not even comparable ... Kind of useless, isn't it ? Even more if you consider the air/fuel ratio sensor did not work at the first session. But it did at the second session and allowed to show the engine's apparently running much too lean. This is something I have to investigate a bit further, because this is a case for an engine failure.

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