Saturday, December 12, 2009

New projekt

Since I sold the SV prototype this summer, I don't have a track bike in the garage any more. It's been months now that I've more or less been trying to find a new project bike. Not that the bikes are not easy to find. In fact, from the moment I decided I needed a new project, I've been proposed all sort of sportbikes, most of them being japanese supersports from R6s to GSXRs. The problem is : do I really want to prepare yet another japanese sportbike for track purpose only ? Isn't that too easy ? Let's grow up a bit.

7 months ago I spotted a bike that's usually not an easy find among the damaged repairable motorcycles. I was pretty happy since it was located in the UK and didn't come too expensive, but I wasn't sure at the moment and decided I would pass on it and try too find something else, since the BMW R1100S isn't the easiest motorcycle to put on the track.

Last month I had a quick look on the website were the R11S was first spotted. And it was still there waiting but the price tag had been reviewed to clear. I could not believe the bike couldn't find a new owner in over 6 months. Come on anybody, that's a BMW ! Part it and become a wealthy man ! There are finally two good news with the credit crunch and the way it affects the UK more than France :
- the pound has been pretty low since last year compared to euro
- people do not buy project bikes as times are hard
This is probably why this bike stayed available for so long. So I started looking around the internet to find out if the R1100S could make a good track bike and what could be the distance between a standard version and a completely pimped up version that was used a couple of years ago in the Boxer Cup rounds.

I ended up with a whole list of possible modifications to improve every aspects of the bike's performance. Now that's a challenging enough project ! This is exactly what I was looking for. So I just bought the bike last week and brought it home from Dover.

What's a story without pics ? Well I don't know ... 'cause this one has ...

Typical british weather and superb landscape from Dover's port waiting zone ...


guillaume said...

Good luck in this new project, I am sure you will make a good job again...

Yvan said...

Is it a damaged bike ? It seems to be in a good state.

I'm happy for you, you'll have new challenges, and for me, we'll have more to read soon. :)

Just for my information, what UK websites are you visiting when you're looking for a bike there, and what there is to do in France or Belgium to have a road legal bike (change the headlight I guess at least).

See you soon !