Sunday, November 15, 2009

Caiman show part 2

How time's fleeing sometimes ... I remember promising to post the second part of my picture coverage of the last Caiman show in Croix like it was yesterday. But it's been more than a month now and it's not online yet. Hopefully, there are still some highly motivated guys that will always remind me to post pictures. So here they are :

The last two ones are a great opportunity to push my own special reminder to a friend. Yvan do you remember you're having a KR1S rusting in your garage ? Don't waste too much time in your home's improvement ... and go back to a real project !! :D
Having said that, I may add a little more pressure by expecting you're getting close to this result with your bike ;)

1 comment:

Yvan said...

A lot of nice pics there !!! :)

I really like the KR1S in black & green, and mine is planned to look like that. But there is a lot of work to reach that state... ^^

Unfortunately, it will be difficult to work on it in 2010... :-/
To much work in the house for now, if we want to leave in it soon. ;-)