Monday, October 24, 2016

The mouse, the motorcycle and the boat

I was looking at my daughter's work the other day and discovered she recently passed a logic test. She's only 5, but she did rather well. But then, getting though all test's pages, I came across this one which is definitely something to cheer about.

Not only is there a motorcycle on this test, but my little one did not choose it as being the odd one in the list ... preferring to chose that strange looking boat, rather than a cute little mouse or this very nice example of 1990s sportbike finesse. Good job little one !

Now if you are a motorcycle addict like me, then it's now long since you've clicked that picture to check that bike a little closer. Just in case this could be based on a real model ... Guess what ? It is and it does help putting a date on the logic test ... Has logic evolved since the 90s ?

Let me know if you found the same as me ;)

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