Friday, November 27, 2015

Painting session 1

June 2015 - Preparing pitted fork lowers and brush-painted lower clamp.
What springs to some people's mind when it comes to motorcycle and home-made paint is anyone's guess ... and that's often a call for a disaster. This bike is no exception with its numerous nasty painted parts brushed by someone who certainly thought it would look cooler with unmatched color and without even trying with parts off the bike. The result is a thick sticky dull blueish layer of a job with paint overflowing on innocent surrounding ancillaries (like fork tubes, frame, ...). I'm convinced now that you can be a criminal armed with a paintbrush.

Several layers of part thinner didn't quite managed to start removing that blue paint on the lower triple clamp ...

On the forks front, the silver paint is just totally pitted, which is bad, but at least far from being ruined in blue. So the forks have been removed and split so they could be wire-brushed, then ground to bare metal before painting.

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