Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Stripping a fatty

The stripping process has begun last week. As always with this sort of operation, it may bring its own kind of nice surprises and disappointing finds. One rarely come without the other and there's no reason a 15 year-old green panzer would make an exception to the rule, as clean as it may look.

So off goes the fairing. The engine looks clean, so is the radiator. Unfortunately, the reason to this is that the latter has been repainted. So has the frame in order to cover what looks like a nasty solvent damage.

Right side, no real fuss. The cooler still looks too clean, but the rest is aged reasonably, down pipes included, and period related.

Up front, with air intake covers removed, the cowl shows a cracked light mount. It's worse than I imagined while still being fixable. It's not in the priority list anyway.

Finally, I found a way to shave some weight out of this old fatty. There's at least 1kg of rust packed in the tool set.

Front wheel shows signs of leaking fork seals.

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