Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lost map

When I bought the RapidBike for the R11S, Robert Foster from Foster Performance had it initialized with an advanced map that he and his team had been playing with for a bit of time. It didn't work well for my bike - or so I thought - so stuck with the standard map coming with the RapidBike software which was already an improvement over the standard ECU mapping. 

With time I had forgotten there was this advanced map waiting somewhere to be tried again now that the major issues with the fueling (dodgy idling, way too lean AF ratio, impossible cold starts) were cured. But now that I needed it, the map was nowhere to be found again. And indeed, with 2 computer crashes and a one stolen, I lost a fair amount of important files over just a few months and the map was unfortunately one of them ... 

Downhearted by this loss, I made a desperate call on the Pelican Parts forum to seen if anyone had been given the same map with their RapidBike. But there were much less RapidBike users that I thought (more PowerCommander users) and even Robert Foster didn't seem to be able to put a hold on a copy of it. The map was to be considered lost.

Until last week when I was browsing my own blog to discover an old post where I had included a picture of the said map as a graph. I immediately grabbed the RapidBike CD and installed the map manager. It took me 2 hours to rebuild the fueling map from the picture which was harder to read that expected, but finally it's here again. Now let's save it multiple times all around the Internet.

The picture used to rebuild the map

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