Monday, September 30, 2013

Shiny new tires

The big S was still equipped with the Metzeler Roadtec Z6 it came with when bought as a damaged repairable motorcycle. Ok, so I bought it in December 2009, almost 4 years from now. It had apparently stayed still in for a year before the purchase and, although these tires had plenty of thread left, given the mileage they certainly started their life on the BMW a year before the crash. Which makes a total of  4 + 1 + 1 = 6 years ... No wonder I'm power sliding at each roundabout exit. It's funny, but utterly useless and a bit ostentatious.

Old Metzeler has had its time

I was decided to finish them and change both front and rear whatever could be their level of wear before winter comes. But then came the rain and what were acceptable tires on hot and dry tarmac proved to be dramatically dangerous on soaked roads. They had become hard and slow to warm up. I loosed the front twice on the road back from work one day and with the bike straight the rear was sliding under acceleration. Time for a change.

I had read nothing else but good reviews about Dunlop Spormax, so ordered a set and had them fitted. It's been a new honey moon since for me and the R1100S. The tires' profile makes the bike feel lighter while offering high level of grip. With these new rubbers and the front Bitubo now up to its best, I can say without being disrespectful to the others that I never had a bike that much precise when approaching a corner and inspiring that much trust while leaned on its ears.

Old tires and new ones are round
Bike is waiting new rubbers for the back ...
... and front as well
Rims with the new Dunlops
Shiny sticky new tires ready for action

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