Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy new year

Happy new year everyone ! 

May 2013 be (even) better than last year and may it be filled with motorcycle related projects : trips, builds, racing, ...

For me, this year is full of promises even if important decisions and low budget may slow things down a bit. But one could say, this has become a trend over the years as less motorcycles have come and stayed in the garage in the last 2 years. Quality over quantity ? Not really sure about that either.

Speaking of a garage, one of the best improvement this year will be a new workshop which will certainly unlock the way the projects have been moving recently. A new garage ? Well a new house incentally comes along with it, which is a very good thing as well.

Also planned for 2013 is my big return to the tracks after a 2 years break. I should say our big return to tracks, because I owe it to a good friend. I wasn't very keen on restarting track days alone, so Yvan and I will be riding the Speedtona round several places this year.

Regarding this blog, 2013 will also be about trying to post more. Or should I say trying not to forget to post. Not that I've especially neglected the place (this post is number 400), but I have mainly forgotten to post some quality messages because I was up to something else (like sorting things out after the house's been broken into, for instance ...).

Enjoy your motorycle projects.

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