Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Worst throttle cable routing ever

I'm currently in the process of converting the Speed Triple to clip-ons. While normally being a rather simple operation - off goes the wide bars, on goes the clip-ons - it seems like there was an issue with the throttle cable that was waiting to be fixed. That is, even if the bike is supposed to have been serviced at the Triumph dealer, the throttle housing sticks on the bars for the first few millimeters. Nasty as you had to insist to have the grip twist a little and then more to have it come back to zero position.

Daytona clutch and throttle cables have been sourced from ebay to try to sort this out. But then, as the unmounting process had begun, I discovered the worst throttle cables routing ever ... Now look at this thing ... So the cables get out of the bars housing, go around the headstock, then dive through the frame.

Up until now, it doesn't sound that bad. But then, what is that tight turn and curvy bend ? 

The Daytona cable seems to have a more straight shape overall. and once installed really makes the difference on the throttle feeling. Long story short, now for the final result (detailed post with pictures will follow) :

(Notice the really nice and racy Renthal diamond grip on the left bar ... that's a bit of teasing for my friend Yvan :P )

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Yvan said...

Nice job ! :-)

You already planned that my sweaty hands are going to go on it... ^^