Thursday, September 20, 2012

Triumph Bonneville

Good friend Greg and I went out for a spin last week-end. We first met at the shops, since I had some parts to locate and buy. I couldn't find what I came there for, but we already had a foot in the Trumph dealer so why not to give the Bonneville a try. I must admit that was a long thought trap as I had this in the back of my head for quite a bit of time and did not mention Greg when talked about having a Saturday ride.

Anyways. I didn't know what to expect really, but utterly loved it. The ride position is relaxed, and the suspension is on the firm side. The bike is not wobbly, it's actually even stable in fast corners while being nimble in town. Engine is not the most powerful unit in the world with 70ish bhp, but it's enough to pull strongly and sounds great. And then there's the ergonomics - everything seems so easy.

Good looking motorcycle that brings fun at reasonable speed. That's certainly what I truly loved about it. Go try one yourself before telling I'm turning chopper style.

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