Friday, July 6, 2012

Adjustable paralever arm

With the raised rear end, the paralever arm has become too short. This little arm is originally designed to keep the shaft arm's angle constant (more or less). Depending on the year and options (some bike came with the sport suspension option), the paralever arm came mainly in 2 lengths : 385mm for standard and 365mm for sport and BCR. Well it's a really simplistic shortcut as it also depends on the shock length, but one can easily observe how different a standard, a sport and BCR are when it comes to suspension equipment and ride height.

With the new rear shock length (325mm), even the shortest arm could not make shaft arm as straight as it it used to be, making the bike's tail not as high as expected. A quick discussion with the nice people at MV Motorrad showed their adjustable paralever arm could be made to 355mm. Just what I needed.

Below are the new and old arms : 

The adjustable item is really easy to install and makes the rear end just the way I wanted.

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