Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Green progress

Been working on the Speed Triple during the week-end. It's been months since I had worked on a motorcycle. I mean more than just an hour. From the start, the main issue with this bike is the cooling system.  The engine can't be started before it is fixed.
So off went the bent radiator, torn rubber pipe and broken temperature sensor cover. The last two will be replaced with new parts which have been ordered today, while the radiator is due to be fixed by some experts I'll mention later.
By the way, when ordering parts at the local Triumph dealer (which I will only use as parts supplier as I've chosen a much cooler one for everything else even if he's a bit farther from home), the guy said he would only apply on Saturday, making the parts arrive the next Wednesday. Mind, if you do the same at a Honda or BMW dealer, they'd apply immediately and you'd get the parts you wanted 2 days after. Anyway, I will get those parts at the end being patient.

Working conditions were tough. It wasn't the cold, but more about the tiny room left in the garage. I don't think I'll achieve as much I had expected in that place.

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