Sunday, October 30, 2011

Project Greeny delayed

Project is the word of this year's last quarter. We're having too much of them and still are starting new ones almost every weeks. And the recent ones generally take precedence over the older and not-so-moving ones, which is the reason we're statting new ones by the way.

Anyway, as the Speed Triple's still waiting for its papers, it's become one of these not-so-moving projects, if not a completely stuck one. I've been assured last week they should arrive soon, but the bike's been sitting still for weeks now. Not done a single fix, not even a single part ordered, for once there's a project being treated with a bit of cautious.

The good point in the waiting is that I've been offered a bit of time to sit on the project and think about ways of sorting the bike out. And guess what ? Ideas and solutions are popping from all around the web, so the forks, panels, bars, paint and lights are departments where ways of improvement have already been found. Then comes another problem : choose which idea goes best with which solution ... Finally not that bad for a stuck project.

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