Monday, August 1, 2011

In and out

The record for the motorcycle that stayed the less time in my garage has been broken by this Honda 2000 CBR 600.

Originally bought to compete in amateur endurance, it turned out as a very quick way to make money for other projects. The day I met the owner, he just didn't know what he had in his possession. We agreed on a price and he kept giving me boxes filled with tasty racing parts on and on. The bike was worth way more the money he was asking for it.

So when I came back with this 2000 CBR on the trailer, I almost immediately put an ad to sell it with its complete parts list : 
- Micron complete line
- a new set of Pirelli Supercorsa
- Öhlins PRCL rear shock
- Öhlins front fork springs
- Factory Pro jet kit
- Rear sets
- Steering damper
- Elliot dash
- Radial brake master cylinder
- HRC cams and valve springs
- ...

It took only 2 days before someone came to see it and hauled it. Bargain !

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