Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Calipers swap (part 1)

I'm still struggling with the BMW's brakes. It feels spongy and almost every single parts of the brake system has either been changed or rebuilded now. In a desperate last attempt at trying to fix this issue I had ordered calipers which at the time of buying were looking like the ones I needed. 

They arrived several weeks ago, but couldn't give them a try before last Sunday due to lack of time not working and space in the new house we recently moved in. So they stayed in the closed box they arrived in since. Sunday the box's been opened and I immediately noticed some (at first) minor differences between the received calipers and the one currently on the R1100S. And then, the more I looked at them, the more differences could be spotted but at the same time they were all looking very similar in shape.

What I had in my hands were 2 brake calipers designed for the non-ABS version of the bike. What difference does it make ? They are made by Brembo (not Tokico), the pistons are a bit smaller and their outer surface is plain (as opposed to hollow for the Tokico's). The similarity in shape means they fit the fork lowers and that's some good news. But the pads path in the back is narrower which means the current pads won't fit these calipers.

New pads ordered tonight. I'll have to wait until these arrive to see what these new calipers have to offer ...

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