Saturday, June 4, 2011


I had been dreaming to have one since I started to work on motorcycles, but always kept the money to buy more and more bikes. A couple of weeks ago, I thought : "Hey what about a smart purchase so that you don't hurt your back at every engine swap, oil drain or brake bleed ?" ... 

So I bought nice workbench from Matthys. It's heavy but still easy to move on the garage's floor. It looks strong but only time will tell.

Loaded, ready to head back home
Let's put a no-caption then ...

Oh, by the way, I also came back with this nice bike grab. This is a typical Matthys product : home designed, good build quality and fairly priced product.

1 comment:

Yvan said...

Nice ! :)

I will grab one also as soon as I have enough space in my garage... ;)