Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rare Sportbikes For Sale is a website I've been wandering on from time to time for a couple of months now. It could be summurized as just being a place where rare sportbike sales are gathered like a simple eBay digest, but trust me it's a bit more than that. This blog-styled website has a rather simple (some say classy though) design that helps staying focused on the good quality motorcycles pictures.

Strangely D16s are not that rare on RSBFS

Rarity means you won't find bikes you're used to see on the street or over the web very often. And this is the whole point of this place. The bike ads are selected in a careful manner from old 2 stroke GP bikes  with a consequent prize list to low mileage-exotic-super cared of-carbon fitted two wheeled piece of art (3 Ducati D16s have already been spoted and listed on RSBFS).

Where else could you find a Tesi fo sale ?

You not only get the opportunity to look at motorcycles that all have scarceness as a common point, but you also get a direct link to bid and buy them. What you're waiting for: click and buy ! But wait ! Most (not to say all to be honest) of these ads are abroad, so we "Europeons" (as we're called) can only watch. It's a cruel world ...

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